Eradicate Your Stretch Marks for Good!

If you have stretch marks, burn marks or acne scarring you are most likely aware of all of the products and services on the market that claim to get rid of them. Even though these marks are not harmful to your health, they can detract from an otherwise beautiful skin and appearance.

Stretchmarks can be caused during puberty. This period of hormonal change and rapid growth pulls and stretches the skin, damaging the elastic fibers deep beneath the skin’s surface. Girls may notice marks appearing on their hips, breasts, thighs and abdomen during these growth spurts.

Pregnancy also makes one more susceptible to these marks. To accommodate a growing baby, elastic fibers beneath the surface of the skin can break down as the mother’s tummy enlarges. Dark scars may appear on hips, breasts, belly button, abdomen, back, and even on the buttocks during or after a pregnancy. This overstretching, at these times when a woman’s body is going through hormonal fluctuations, reduces the production of collagen. Within the skin, which is normally very flexible and resilient, is are natural proteins called collagen and elastin that act like glue and are the body’s major support structure. Without them we would literally fall apart. Our body’s largest organ is the skin and it produces these proteins every day. They give the skin 90% of its volume, elasticity and resilience.

Stretchmarks can also be caused by bodybuilding in both males and females if it is done too quickly. By the time we reach 25 or 30 years of age, our skin is not producing collagen and elastin as efficiently. The body’s rate of production is reduced to only about 1.5% per year of what it used to produce. ‘Pumping up’ too quickly after 25 years of age can result in many white or purple streaks and marks around muscle groups. That is why it is important to keep the deep fibers in the skin more elastic to prevent fine scars and stretchmarks from appearing.

Rosehip Oil

The high amount of fatty acids and vitamin C found in pure rosehip oil that is grown in the Andes of South America is specifically used for preventing and treating stretchmarks, scars and burn marks. This oil has anti-oxidants and vitamin C that rejuvenate and repair tissue. It soothes and heals damaged skin and increases collagen and elastin production to give skin back its suppleness and elasticity. Acne scars and stretchmarks even 20 years old respond well to this oil when other therapies have failed, and burned skin heals faster. A natural cream or lotion with a very high percentage of this type of rosehip oil is especially suited to treat damaged skin conditions and can completely eradicate existing marks and scars.

This article was written by Francine, owner of Venus Naturals. She has been working with a master herbalist and an aromatherapist since 1996 to develop natural, effective solutions to reduce and eliminate stretchmarks, scars and burn marks. Find out more about stretch marks.