Welcome to my natural beauty blog!

Hi, my name is Francine. Welcome to Venus Natural Beauty, a blog with tips about natural beauty, health and fitness and living a greener life. My husband and I have been co-owners of Venus Naturals, an online natural beauty site, for 20 years. In our world of mass production it’s nice to take the time to make (or simply appreciate) creams, lotions and herbal blends made in small batches with original, all natural formulas. As a mother and someone concerned about the harmful effects (allergies, premature aging and cancer) of cosmetic ingredients used by large manufacturers, I feel much better knowing our goal is to make it easier for women to free themselves from chemically-based, potentially damaging personal care and household products.

** Please Note: due to the volume of spam received posing as ‘comments’, I have disabled the posting of comments to this blog. If you have a comment or suggestion to make regarding this blog, please use our contact form. Thank you.

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